How do I schedule a session?

Create an account and book right away! 

How much does a session cost?

Our services are completely free. A student may book sessions with Learn It Together for up to 3 hours a week.

There is a specific assignment my student needs help with, can the tutor work on it with them?  

Definitely! Please email the assignment to bookings@learnittogether.org and we will let the tutor know ahead of time.


What ages do you tutor?

We tutor Middle School and High School students.


Where is my link to join the session? 

Prior to your session, you will receive a Google Calendar invite which will include a Google Meets link. You will receive a Google Calendar invite 2 days before your session. 


¿Tiene sesiones en español?

Si necesita sesiones en español, revisa las opciones de Learn It Together aquí.


What if I am unable to make my tutoring session? 

Parents/guardians should strive to communicate a cancellation at least 24 hours before the session. If a cancellation happens less than 12 hours before a session this will count towards a no show. Please email bookings@learnittogether.org as soon as possible if you would like to delay or cancel a session. 


What if I don’t show up to my tutoring sessions without giving notice? 

Learn It Together reserves the right to deny service to students who incur 3 no shows when booking on demand. However, Learn It Together understands that learning remotely during COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges for millions of families across America and is committed to working with families to ensure continued access to free, high-quality tutoring. 


I want my child to learn a new language, can you help? 

Unfortunately, if your child is not currently enrolled in the subject matter please refrain from signing them up for a session in that subject. Please reach out to bookings@learnittogether.org with any questions. 


My preferred instructor is not available. What should I do?

All of our tutors are great, so please check the availability of another tutor at your requested time. Meet our tutors here! Please reach out to bookings@learnittogether.org with any questions. 

If my tutor has to cancel a session, will Learn It Together provide a substitute? 

Tutors are encouraged to find their own substitutes, but Due to limited tutors per subject, Learn It Together can not guarantee a substitute for your session. If a tutor has to reschedule or cancel they will email, and you can reschedule through email or on the website. 


I love your program so much, I want to give back! Do you have a donation tab? 

Yes, donate here!

Thank you!

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